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B Holisitic Health was founded by Nurse Practitioner, Belinda Ruiz to create an all-encompassing holistic healing experience for our patients. It is our mission is to restore each individual to their optimal state of health. To do that, we partner with each patient in creating individualized holistic treatment plans which take into account the patient’s internal and external environments.  In addition to performing advanced diagnostic testing and interpretation, we acknowledge and treat drivers of disease that can’t be uncovered by labs.

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Meet the B Holistic Health Team 

Nurse Practitioner, Belinda Ruiz

Guided by Personal Healing, Empowering Others 

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Belinda Ruiz, embarked on her transformative journey after the heart-wrenching loss of her mother to cancer. Struggling with her own unexplained symptoms and driven by a quest for answers beyond conventional medication, Belinda sought a better way. Trained by AMMG and the School of Applied Functional Medicine, she began her path in a primary care clinic. Now, as the founder of B Holistic Health, she applies science-backed, root cause analysis to optimize body systems, guiding others on their wellness journey. Belinda's personal experience fuels her passion for functional medicine education, equipping individuals to attain optimal health from within. Her holistic approach considers the entirety of each person – from thoughts and habits to nutrition, exercise, sleep, environment, and aspirations. Join Belinda on a tailor-made journey towards holistic well-being.

Jennifer Gilman, Health Coach

Jennifer Gilman has been practicing holistic health for over a decade professionally, and her entire adult life personally.  Her true gift is connecting with people to create a safe space that leads to sustainable changes for those that work with her... physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Through her knowledge as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in Hormone Health, a Master Herbalist, and a Certified Aromatherapist, she can provide multiple modalities to meet her clients needs.  Her latest endeavor is becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach which will enhance her skills in looking at all aspects of her client’s health. She is committed to her own self-care routine and has become the "self-care muse" for others in her community.  Jennifer loves spending time with her husband and daughter living in St. Petersburg, Florida and visiting the vacation rentals they own in Murphy, NC. Learning, nature, hiking, traveling, and community are her passions.

Luis Ruiz, Personal trainer/Physical therapy assistant

Luis Ruiz is a Licensed physical therapy assistant and person trainer in Dunedin, FL. He has been working with individuals focusing on their nutrition and exercise goals for over 20 years. 

Luis has the unique ability to problem solve incorporating healthy lifestyle eating into his clients day with the least amount of stress tied to it.  His background in physical therapy allows him to look at his clients in a different aspect when recommending workout plans to reach their goals. 


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